Magnus Logistik Company Limited

Today, Magnus Logistik is a privately-owned freight forwarder in Thailand. We are members of Thai Customs and Transportation Association of Thailand (CTAT) andThai international Freight Forwarders Association (TIFFA). Most of business activity is import business and together work with our good partner all over the world. We are one the leading freight forwarding and provider nternational of logistics services. We are confident in the use of our services is a continuous and long lasting with a team that good and effective. Thus ensuring that “Magnus” will provide quality services more consistently than any other service provider in the market and development of a relentless.

Our Vision

The success  requires continuous learning and improvement. We would like to continue building on our staff strengths. We support creative approaches and we think that continuous learning with good training is the basis for constant improvement. All numbers of our staffs will find a good working environment to present quality product and service to valued customer and network partners all around the world.

Our Mission

Think of service, think of Magnus.